Learn Hardware Firmware and Software Design

English | ISBN: 9780973567878 | 369 pages | 2005 | PDF | 7 MB

17 months since it was first published, Learn Hardware Firmware and Software Design is still the best in the world. It is exceptional! The only criticism we got from our readers was related to (some) editing, and the third edition addresses the issue. Please discover Corollary Theorems site for Table of Contents, Requirements, and a detailed description. This book teaches you how to work with Microchip’s Digital Signal Controllers, and it explains everything you need to know. You will learn to design logic hardware modules around a dsPIC30F microcontroller, according to your input and output needs. You will become an expert in writing firmware for control and serial communications. Lastly, you will learn to embed the entire power of your PC, with Internet, file management, and advanced graphic analysis, into your firmware and hardware designs. If you are interested in learning true, beneficial skills in hardware, firmware, and software, there is no other book better than Learn Hardware Firmware and Software Design. It is only up to you to become a programming/design Guru in the shortest amount of time.

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