Mastering Catering Science

Mastering Catering Science by S. R. Dudley
English | PDF | 1988 | 289 Pages | ISBN : 0333421345 | 20.72 MB

This book covers all the important areas of Catering Science that are included in the syllabuses of the City and Guilds Craft Catering courses and Business and Technician Education Council (BTEC) Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management Operations. The aim has been to deal with the science in a basic, simple-to-understand and practical way that would be particularly appreciated by Craft-level students. However, it is my belief that the more detailed BTEC-level courses also benefit greatly if the science is presented in a straightforward, practical and applicable manner, which leads to a better understanding by the student.

The book should also be useful to students of Home Economics and Domestic Science, to members of the Catering Industry (chefs, waiters, barmen, kitchen assistants) and to anyone who works in a kitchen who is interested in nutrition and health, food, cooking, or hygiene. The content of the book is up to date in its coverage of current trends in catering and the information has been presented in accordance with the most recent syllabus changes in City and Guilds and BTEC courses. The book contains exercises at the end of each chapter to test the student’s knowledge of the material he/she has just completed, the answers to which are to be found in the preceding text. It also contains multiple-choice questions at the end of the book, which, although not meant to simulate the questions set in external examin- ations, do serve as a ‘quick’ testing mechanism for each chapter. Answers to these are given. The book also uses in-text tasks to enable the student to continue a theme discussed in the text, to relate theory to catering practice, and to test points made in a particular section. Some of the tasks are of a practical nature and some practical experiments have been suggested, although I do not consider it to be within the scope of a basic text of this sort to include an extensive scientific programme of experiments. A comprehensive glossary gives the student a concise and simple definition of most of the terms used. The study of Catering Science should not be a separate subject, but should be integrated with the catering theory and practical work. In the same way this text should be used in conjunction with good catering theory and catering practical book(s).

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