Connecting Arduino to the Web: Front End Development Using JavaScript

Connecting Arduino to the Web: Front End Development Using JavaScript by Indira Knight
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 402 Pages | ISBN : 1484234790 | 12.93 MB

Create physical interfaces that interact with the Internet and web pages. With Arduino and JavaScript you can create interactive physical displays and connected devices that send data to or receive data from the web. You’ll take advantage of the processes needed to set up electronic components, collect data, and create web pages able to interact with electronic components.

Through exercises, projects, and explanations, this book will give you the core front end web development and electronics skills needed to create connected physical interfaces and build compelling visualizations with a range of JavaScript libraries.
By the end of the book you will have developed fully working interactive prototypes capable of sending data to and receiving data from a physical interface. Most importantly, Connecting Arduino to the Web will give you a taste of what is possible and the knowledge to create your own connected physical interfaces and bring the web into your electronics projects.
What You’ll Learn
Build an Internet of Things dashboard that updates with electronics attached to an Arduino
Use components to interact with online 3D displays
Create web pages with HTML and CSS
Set up a Node.js server
Use WebSockets to process live data
Interact with scalable vector graphics (SVG)

Who This Book Is For
Technologists, developers, and enthusiasts looking to extend their skills, be able to develop physical prototypes with connected devices, and with an interest in getting started with IoT. Also, those excited by the possibilities of connecting the physical and the web.

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