Hayek: A Collaborative Biography

Hayek: A Collaborative Biography: Part XI: Orwellian Rectifiers, Mises’ ‘Evil Seed’ of Christianity and the ‘Free’ Market Welfare State By Robert Leeson
English | PDF | 2018 | 550 Pages | ISBN : 3319774271 | 5.48 MB

Funded by the tobacco and fossil fuel industries, the Mises- and Hayek-inspired ‘free’ market has adopted ‘The Slogan of Liberty’ – but should their faith-based assertions be accorded the same epistemological status as a science? If Austrian economics is a branch of divinely revealed ‘knowledge’ – as the epigone Godfather, Hans Sennholz, insists – what validity do its policy recommendations have? Should those who falsely claim to have PhDs be tax-funded as ‘Post-Doctoral Fellows’ and ‘Professors’?

This volume examines the consequences of the ‘free’ market colonisation of economics – climate change, financial crises and the corruption of academic discourse

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