Scientific Knowledge Communication in Museums

Scientific Knowledge Communication in Museums By Alberto Rovetta
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 319 Pages | ISBN : 3319683292 | 23.07 MB

This book explains the general principles of scientific and technical communication in the context of modern museums. It also examines, with the aid of informative case studies, the different means by which knowledge can be transmitted, including posters, objects, explanatory guidance, documentation, and catalogues.

Highlighting the ever more important role of multimedia and virtual reality components in communicating understanding of and facilitating interaction with the displayed object, it explores how network communications systems and algorithms can be applied to offer individual users the information that is most pertinent to them. The book is supported by a Dynamic Museums app connected to museum databases where series of objects can be viewed via cloud computing and the Internet and printed using 3D printing technology. This book is of interest to a diverse readership, including all those who are responsible for museums’ collections, operations, and communications as well as those delivering or participating in courses on museums and their use, communication design and related topics.

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