Silicone Composite Insulators: Materials, Design, Applications

English | PDF | 2013 | 506 Pages | ISBN : 3642153194 | 26 MB

Composite insulators have been in service in electric power networks successfully for more than 40 years, and now up to the highest operating voltages. The present book extensively covers such insulators with a special focus on today’s prevalent material, which is silicone rubber. (more…)

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Principles of Stellar Interferometry

English | PDF | 2011 | 359 Pages | ISBN : 3642150276 | 7.25 MB

Over the last decade, stellar interferometry has developed from a specialist tool to a mainstream observing technique, attracting scientists whose research benefits from milliarcsecond angular resolution. Stellar interferometry has become part of the astronomer’s toolbox, complementing single-telescope observations by providing unique capabilities that will advance astronomical research. (more…)

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Organic Semiconductors in Sensor Applications

English | PDF | 2008 | 302 Pages | ISBN : 3540763139 | 18 MB

Organic semiconductors offer unique characteristics such as tunability of electronic properties via chemical synthesis, compatibility with mechanically flexible substrates, low-cost manufacturing, and facile integration with chemical and biological functionalities. (more…)

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Non-Crystalline Chalcogenides

English | PDF | 2000 | 385 Pages | ISBN : 0792366484 | 20.5 MB

The earliest experimental data on an oxygen-free glass have been published by Schulz-Sellack in 1870 [1]. Later on, in 1902, Wood [2], as well as Meier in 1910 [3], carried out the first researches on the optical properties of vitreous selenium. (more…)

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Spatial Statistics for Remote Sensing

English | PDF | 2002 | 289 Pages | ISBN : 079235978X | 13.5 MB

This book is a collection of papers on spatial statistics for remote sensing. The book emerges from a study day that was organized in 1996 at the International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences, ITC, in Enschede, The Netherlands. (more…)

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Remote Sensing and Climate Modeling: Synergies and Limitations

English | PDF | 2001 | 347 Pages | ISBN : 9048156483 | 23 MB

1 2 Michel M. VERSTRAETE and Martin BENISTON 1 Space Applications Institute, EC Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy 2 Department of Geography, University of Fribourg, Switzerland This volume contains the proceedings ofthe workshop entitled “Satellite Remote Sensing and Climate Simulations: Synergies and Limitations” that took place in Les Diablerets, Switzerland, September 20–24, 1999. (more…)

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Cryocoolers 13

English | PDF | 2005 | 710 Pages | ISBN : 0387239014 | 40 MB

The last two years have witnessed a continuation in the breakthrough shift toward pulse tube cryocoolers for long-life, high-reliability cryocooler applications. New this year are papers de­ scribing the development of very large pulse tube cryocoolers to provide up to 1500 watts of cooling for industrial applications such as cooling the superconducting magnets of Mag-lev trains, coolmg superconducting cables for the power mdustry, and liquefymg natural gas. (more…)

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Modeling Longitudinal Data

English | PDF | 2005 | 445 Pages | ISBN : 0387402713 | 3 MB

Longitudinal data are ubiquitous across Medicine, Public Health, Public Policy, Psychology, Political Science, Biology, Sociology and Education, yet many longitudinal data sets remain improperly analyzed. This book teaches the art and statistical science of modern longitudinal data analysis. The author emphasizes specifying, understanding, and interpreting longitudinal data models. He inspects the longitudinal data graphically, analyzes the time trend and covariates, models the covariance matrix, and then draws conclusions. (more…)

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Jacob Mincer A Pioneer of Modern Labor Economics

English | PDF | 2006 | 194 Pages | ISBN : 0387291741 | 1.5 MB

This volume contains essays by or about Jacob Mincer who, along with Gary Becker, is a founding father of modern empirical labor economics. His methodology analyzes the economics of the working world, and his human capital model is a fundamental tool in empirical economics. (more…)

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Relative Nonlinear Electrodynamics

English | PDF | 2006 | 341 Pages | ISBN : 0387300694 | 3 MB

This book covers a large class of fundamental investigations into Relativistic Nonlinear Electrodynamics. It explores the interaction between charged particles and strong laser fields, mainly concentrating on contemporary problems of x-ray lasers, new type small set-up high-energy accelerators of charged particles, as well as electron-positron pair production from super powerful laser fields of relativistic intensities.
It will also discuss nonlinear phenomena of threshold nature that eliminate the concurrent inverse processes in the problems of Laser Accelerator and Free Electron Laser, thus creating new opportunities for solving these problems.


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