Angular Essentials: Step-by-Step Guidance With Code Examples

Angular Essentials: Step-by-Step Guidance With Code Examples by Infragistics Publishing
English | True EPUB | 2017 | 573 Pages | ASIN : B06XVFMXNZ | 18.75 MB

From initial structuring to deployment, Angular Essentials provides step-by-step guidance to Angular, Google’s for building applications for both Web and Mobile platforms. This eBook from Infragistics begins by teaching you the basics of TypeScript, ES6 concepts, Angular 2 architecture, and details about the working environment you need to start building Angular 2 components. You’ll dive into Components, Directives, Routing, and Services, as well as techniques like Data Binding and Data Transformation. Finally, you’ll learn advanced Angular 2 skills for testing, debugging, deployment, and security.

In Angular Essentials, you’ll:

– Learn the different features of components, and how to apply custom templates and styles
– Explore the built-in directives of Angular
– Discover how data and events can be bound in Angular 2 applications
– Use data-driven and template forms in Angular
– Format data using built-in pipes and by creating custom pipes
– Add multiple views, send parameters and sub-views in Angular applications
– Test Components, Services, HTTP calls and forms
– Debug Angular applications and bundle them with webpack
– Implement authentication in Angular apps and make secured calls to APIs


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