Smart Electromechanical Systems: Group Interaction

Smart Electromechanical Systems: Group Interaction by Andrey E. Gorodetskiy
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 (2019 Edition) | 330 Pages | ISBN : 3319997580 | 21.26 MB

This book presents the latest achievements in the theory and practice of SEMS Group interaction by scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences. It also discusses the development of methods for the design and simulation of SEMS Group interaction based on the principles of safety, flexibility and adaptability in behavior and intelligence and parallelism in information processing, computation and control. Recently, the task has been to ensure the functioning of robots within the framework of collective collaboration, so that they function efficiently, reliably and safely in real time.

The topics covered include, but are not limited to, the following: – the planning behavior of the SEMS group;- methods and principles of designing of automatic control systems;- mathematical and computer modeling group interaction;- safety, flexibility and adaptability of the SEMS Group;- information-measuring soft- and hardware. This book is intended for students, scientists and engineers specializing in the field of smart electromechanical systems and robotics.

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