Coaching for Rational Living: Theory, Techniques and Applications

Coaching for Rational Living: Theory, Techniques and Applications by Michael E. Bernard
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 | 480 Pages | ISBN : 3319740660 | 14.39 MB

This eminently useful guide presents an up-to-date framework for Rational-Emotive Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching (RE-CBC), from basic concepts, techniques, and applications to evidence of how and why this versatile method works. It details how RE-CBC synthesizes the rational thinking, cognitive disputing, and semantic training traditions of RE and CB therapies into coaching strategies for solving problems or furthering personal development.

The book’s sections on process and techniques demonstrate the flexibility of the method as used in a variety of settings toward a gamut of purposes, illustrating Albert Ellis’ central goal of long-term happiness through rational living. And specialized chapters offer applications of RE-CBC to familiar coaching domains (life, health, family, motivation) as well as to the complex worlds of business and organizations.

Included in the coverage:
· Coaching for rational living: rational-emotive, cognitive-behavioral perspectives.
· Psychological blockers to successful coaching outcomes.
· Enhancing positive psychology coaching practice.
· Assessment, case formulation, and intervention models.
· A step-based framework for coaching practice.
· Plus: applications of Rational-Emotive Cognitive-Behavioral Coaching, including motivational, parent/family, workplace stress management, organizational change, school success, and sports performance.

Coaching for Rational Living is a robust practice-building resource for coaches, psychologists, counselors, and health professionals, particularly mental health practitioners who use rational-emotive and cognitive-behavioral therapy and coaching.

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