Multiparameter Processes: An Introduction to Random Fields

Multiparameter Processes: An Introduction to Random Fields By Davar Khoshnevisan
English | PDF | 2002 | 590 Pages | ISBN : 1441930094 | 44.10 MB

Multiparameter processes extend the existing one-parameter theory of random processes in an elegant way, and have found connections to diverse disciplines such as probability theory, real and functional analysis, group theory, analytic number theory, and group renormalization in mathematical physics, to name a few.

This book lays the foundation of aspects of the rapidly-developing subject of random fields, and is designed for a second graduate course in probability and beyond. Its intended audience is pure, as well as applied, mathematicians.
Davar Khoshnevisan is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Utah. His research involves random fields, probabilistic potential theory, and stochastic analysis.

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