Hankel Operators and Their Applications

Hankel Operators and Their Applications By Vladimir Peller
English | PDF | 2003 | 789 Pages | ISBN : 1441930507 | 59.66 MB

This book is a systematic presentation of the theory of Hankel operators. It covers the many different areas of Hankel operators and presents a broad range of applications, such as approximation theory, prediction theory, and control theory. The author has gathered the various aspects of Hankel operators and presents their applications to other parts of analysis. This book contains numerous recent results which have never before appeared in book form.

The author has created a useful reference tool by pulling this material together and unifying it with a consistent notation, in some cases even simplifying the original proofs of theorems. Hankel Operators and their Applications will be used by graduate students as well as by experts in analysis and operator theory and will become the standard reference on Hankel operators.

Vladimir Peller is Professor of Mathematics at Michigan State University. He is a leading researcher in the field of Hankel operators and he has written over 50 papers on operator theory and functional analysis.

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