Fourier Series in Control Theory

Fourier Series in Control Theory by Vilmos Komornik
English | PDF | 2005 | 230 Pages | ISBN : 0387223835 | 3.30 MB

Advance Praise for Fourier Series in Control Theory:
It has been known since 1967 that a wide variety of sets of complex exponential functions play an important role in the control theory of systems governed by partial differential equations. Up until now, the relevant literature has been scattered among various journal articles, a survey paper by myself in SIAM Review in 1978, and the book, Families of Exponentials, by S. Avdonin and S. Ivanov (1995). Fourier Series in Control Theory successfully gathers all of the available theory of these “nonharmonic Fourier series” in one place, combining published results with new results, to create a unique source of such material for practicing applied mathematicians, engineers, and other scientific professionals.

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